Anja Matthes grew up in Europe. At 13, she began work in front of the camera. On one of her editorial photo shoots in Cape Town, she wandered from the shoot with camera in hand and stumbled upon one of the world's largest slums. She returned many times to the shantytown during her stay, befriending those who lived there. Here she discovered the power of photography while photographing teenagers and the elderly. In 2008, after spending time away from her camera, Anja returned to photography, beginning work on a documentary film that examines the lives of widows in India. The film explores the struggle with societal status that brides face after their husbands pass. Over the past three and a half years, Anja has also worked with LGBTQ youth of color in NYC. Her collaboration with June, a homeless transgender teenager, on the exhibit "Out-Sight-In In-Sight-Out" at Open Source Gallery introduced Anja to the Kiki Ballroom scene. After becoming involved in the scene, Anja was eventually initiated into The House of Bangy Cunts. Working with members of the House, Anja has documented the struggles faced by those involved in the Kiki Ballroom scene, which include racism, homelessness, sex work as a method of survival, frequent arrests, and rising HIV rates.


2016 Buzz Feed ethnographic research with The Culture Coop 

2016 Karsh Kale, Six Degrees Times of India

2016 Karsh Kale, Six Degrees, Rolling Stones (IN)

2016 IFF, Natasha Cote portrait Frankfurter Allgemeine

2016 UP, Karsh Kale, Album Cover, Six Degrees Records

2015 HIV Long Term Survivor Project, Artist Talk, SFC

2015 Humanly Magazine Gen Z in the US

2015 SF Photo Alliance Portfolio Review

2015 Eugene Richards, Personal Vision workshop @

Cuny Graduate School of Journalism

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2015 Ming aka Aaron Albano Producer/DJ,

        Portraits Album Cover Press

2014 NYC Makers, The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)

        Carlos Benaim IFF, Photo Essay, Exhibition and Book

2014 Thirdman Fragrance founder Jean- Christophe le Grévés

for Esquire Dutch, Marie Claire France, Portraits

2013-14 Out-Sight-In In-Sight-Out, multimedia installation, Open Source Gallery

2013-present Ball Culture/The House of Bangy Cunts, multi media installation

2011-present: Portraits, personal work, marginalize individuals in USA/India

2013-present: Rose and Anton, documentary photo essay

2013: Juri Member, album cover

2003: Sultans of Spin, art section cover, New York Times

2003: Karsh Kale, magazine cover, Global Rhythm Magazine

2003: Karsh Kale, album cover

2002: Karsh Kale, feature, Modern Drummer Magazine


2012-present Rose and Anton- teenage Heroin addiction

2013-present: The House of Bangy Cunts

2015-present Photo-Essay on Teenage Pregnancy-An American Family

2010-present: Dressed in White, documentary feat documentary film

2012-2013: Out-Sight-In In-Sight-Out, multimedia installation, Open Source Gallery


2015 Generation Z in the US, Humanly Magazine-short film

2014 Thirdman fragrance Jean-Christophe le Grévés

video vignettes-Eau de Monumental

2013: L’Oreal/AOL, Director: Tom Wool

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2009: Behind the Scenes, fashion shoot for Deutsch Magazine

2008-2009: Dance of Liberation, documentary, Featuring: Michelle Rodriguez

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2008: Bread and Soccer, Austrian Cultural Forum, Artist: Monika Wuhrer

Awards and Exhibitions

2016: IWMF Grantee for Women Journalists

2016: Visura Grant Finalist

2015: Exhibition Kiki Ballroom at Rayko Photo Center, SF

2015: Artist Talk SF Camera Works

2013: Out-Sight-In In-Sight-Out, multimedia installation, Open Source Gallery, NY


2003-2007: New York University

Certificate in Cinematography

Certificate in Documentary Filmmaking