Anja Matthes is a Luxembourgian/German documentary photographer, videographer, and visual storyteller based in New York City. Over the past seven years, Matthes has focused her work on LGBTQ youth of color. Her collaboration with June, a homeless transgender teenager, on the 2013-2014 exhibit Out­-Sight­-In In­-Sight­-Out at Open Source Gallery 

Anja has exhibited projects about the Kiki scene at Rayko Gallery and SF CameraWorks. In 2016, Anja received the International Women in Journalism (IWMF) grant for her long-term project about the Kiki scene. In collaboration with Housing Works and Open Source Gallery, she is currently working on The Kiki Yearbook, which will be released in the summer of 2018 and distributed to members of the Kiki scene. The project was featured in W Magazine.

Anja completed her documentary studies and received certificates in cinematography and documentary filmmaking from New York University. In 2016, Anja was a Visura Personal Projects grant finalist. She has given artist talks at SF Camera Works and Open Source Gallery. She has also given a talk about her project with one of the members of the Kiki scene at a New York University class on gender and pop culture. Anja’s photography has been published in Rolling Stone, the Bombay Times, Platform Magazine, Times of India among many others. Her cinematography work has included projects with Humanly Magazine, Vogue, New York Times, Deutsch Magazine, L’Oreal and AOL among many others. Her production work has included Rolling Stone and Trace Magazine.